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 Aestus Towel Rails
 Aqualisa Aquarian
 Aqualisa Aquastream
 Aqualisa Aquatique
 Aqualisa Axis Digital
 Aqualisa Axis Thermo
 Aqualisa Mach Shower Pumps
 Aqualisa Quartz Digital
 Aqualisa Quartz Electric Showers
 Aqualisa Quartz Thermo
 Aqualisa Visage
Barber Wilsons
 Barber Wilsons 1890
 Barber Wilsons Mastercraft
 Barber Wilsons Regent
Bathroom Discount Centre
 Aqualife Accessories
 Aqualife Basins
 Aqualife Bath Screens
 Aqualife Baths
 Aqualife Cabinets
 Aqualife Enclosures
 Aqualife Furniture
 Aqualife Suites
 Bdc Ladder Rail
 BDC Summer Specials
 Bdc Wastes
 Burlington Contemporary
 Burlington Edwardian
 Burlington Victorian
 Clearance Range
 Bauhaus Aim
 Bauhaus Cloakroom Basins
 Bauhaus Countertop Basins
 Bauhaus Furniture
 Bauhaus Gloss Resin Inset Basins
 Bauhaus Inset Basins
 Bauhaus Modest
 Bauhaus One
 Bauhaus Raggio
 Bauhaus Undermount Basin
 Bauhaus Washbowls
 BC Designs Baths
 BC Designs Lights
BC Sanitan
 BC Sanitan Balasani
 BC Sanitan Belgravia
 BC Sanitan Damea
 BC Sanitan Highgrove
 BC Sanitan Nouveau
 BC Sanitan Victorian
 BC Sanitan Victorian Brassware
 Bete Darling
 Bette Bambino
 Bette Classic
 Bette Duett
 Bette Duo
 Bette Esprit
 Bette Familey
 Bette Form
 Bette Hip
 Bette La Bette
 Bette Morrison
 Bette Ocean
 Bette Schmiddem
 Bette Shower Tray
 Bette Sign
 Bette Starlet
 Bette Starlet
 Bette Trend
 Catalano Muse
 Catalano Programma C
 Catalano Proiezioni
 Catalano Roma
 Catalano Sfera
 Catalano Verso
 Catalano Zero
Cherished Radiators
 Cherished Contemporary
 Cherished Curtain Rails
 Cherished Traditional
 Galaxy Showers
 Clearwater Accessories
 Clearwater Taditional Baths
 Crosswater Accessories
 Crosswater Alvero
 Crosswater Artist
 Crosswater Body Jets
 Crosswater Central
 Crosswater Design
 Crosswater Divine
 Crosswater Douches
 Crosswater Exposed Valves
 Crosswater Fixed Heads
 Crosswater Glide
 Crosswater Hey Joe
 Crosswater Invito
 Crosswater Kai
 Crosswater Kitchen Mixers
 Crosswater Komo
 Crosswater Logic
 Crosswater Love Me
 Crosswater Mike Lever
 Crosswater Modest
 Crosswater Multifunction Exposed
 Crosswater Ninety
 Crosswater Pursuit
 Crosswater Retro 27
 Crosswater Retro 27 Lever
 Crosswater Shower Slide Rail Kit
 Crosswater Specials
 Crosswater Status
 Crosswater Stream
 Crosswater Totti
 Crosswater Voyager
 Crosswater Wastes
 Crosswater Water Square
 Crosswater Zeya
 D-rail Towel Warmers
 Decotec Sucre
 Duravit D Code
 Duravit Happy D
 Duravit Starck 1
 Duravit Starck 2
 Duravit Starck 3
 Duravit Starck Bathtubs
 Duravit Vero
 Galassia Arke
 Galassia Sa02
 Geberit Flush Plates
 Geberit Frames/Cisterns & Buttons
 Grohe Allure
 Grohe Amera
 Grohe Aquatower
 Grohe Avensys
 Grohe Chiara
 Grohe Concetto
 Grohe Dal
 Grohe Essence
 Grohe Eurodisc
 Grohe Europlus
 Grohe Eurosmart
 Grohe Eurostyle
 Grohe Flush plates
 Grohe Ghroetherm 2000
 Grohe Grohetherm 1000
 Grohe Grohetherm 3000
 Grohe Grohmaster
 Grohe Lineare
 Grohe Movario
 Grohe Rainshower Handshowers
 Grohe Rainshower Headshowers
 Grohe Relexa
 Grohe Relexa Plus
 Grohe Sena Showers
 Grohe Talentofill
 Grohe Tempesta
 Grohe Tenso
 Hansgrohe Axor Citterio
 Hansgrohe Axor Starck
 Hansgrohe Axor Starck Classic
 Hansgrohe Axor Starck X
 Hansgrohe Axor Steel
 Hansgrohe Carlton
 Hansgrohe Carlton
 Hansgrohe Exposed Thermostats
 Hansgrohe Focus E
 Hansgrohe Focus S
 Hansgrohe Hand Showers
 Hansgrohe Hoses
 Hansgrohe Kitchen Mixers
 Hansgrohe Massaud
 Hansgrohe Metris E
 Hansgrohe Metris S
 Hansgrohe Metropol E
 Hansgrohe Metropol S
 Hansgrohe Mirrors
 Hansgrohe Monreux
 Hansgrohe Overhead Showers
 Hansgrohe Pharo
 Hansgrohe Raindance
 Hansgrohe Shower Wall Bars
 Hansgrohe Talis E2
 Hansgrohe Talis S
 Hansgrohe Talis S2
 Hansgrohe Terrano
 Hansgrohe Waste Systems
 Helo Steam Generators
Heritage Bathrooms
 Heritage Accessories
 Heritage Bath Accessories
 Heritage Baths
 Heritage Belmonte
 Heritage Belmonte Accessories
 Heritage Cast Iron Roll Top Bath
 Heritage Dorchester
 Heritage Dorchester Taps
 Heritage Fairport
 Heritage Grab Rails
 Heritage Granley
 Heritage Granley Deco
 Heritage Granley Deco Taps
 Heritage Granley Taps
 Heritage Kharine
 Heritage Loxleigh
 Heritage Loxleigh Taps
 Heritage Maycross
 Heritage Priory
 Heritage Rhyland
 Heritage Shaker Accessories
 heritage Shower Valves
 Heritage Solo
 Heritage Sonic
 Heritage Tempus
 Heritage Tempus Accessories
 Heritage Torre
 Heritage Torre Accessories
 Heritage Towel Rails
 Heritage Traditional Suites
 Heritage Vermonte
 Heritage Vermonte
 Heritage Victoria
 Heritage WC Seats
 Heritage Zaar
 Heritage Zaar Black
Hudson Reed
 Hudson Reed Shower Heads
 Hudson Reed Shower Valves
 Hudsonreed Rad Valves
 Hudsonreed Towel Rails
Ideal Standard
 Ideal Standard Create Edge/Square
 Ideal Standard Jasper Morrrison
 Ideal Standard Space
 Ideal Standard Space
 Ideal Standard White
 Imperial Classic
 Imperial Etoile
 Imperial Westminster
 Jis The Sussex Range
Just Taps
 Just Taps Antler
 Just Taps Crux
 Just Taps Florentine
 Just Taps Flow
 Just Taps Fusion
 Just Taps GQ
 Just Taps Idea
 Just Taps Ki-tech
 Just Taps Kubix
 Just Taps Leo
 Just Taps Metro
 Just Taps Ovaline
 Just Taps Solo
 Just Taps Vintage
 Just Taps Wastes
 Kaldewei Arrondo
 Kaldewei Bellezza
 Kaldewei Classic Duo
 Kaldewei Cono Plan
 Kaldewei Conoduo
 Kaldewei Corpo Duo
 Kaldewei Duo Pool
 Kaldewei Dusch Plan
 Kaldewei Dusch Plan Xxl
 Kaldewei Dyna Set
 Kaldewei Dyna Set Star
 Kaldewei Dynu Duo
 Kaldewei Formplus
 Kaldewei Megaplan
 Kaldewei Mini Form
 Kaldewei Mini Star
 Kaldewei Sanidusch
 Kaldewei Saniform
 Kaldewei Super Plan
 Kaldewei Super Plan Xxl
 Kaldewei Vaio
 Kaldewei Vaio Duo
 Kaldewei Vaio Duo Oval
 Kaldewei Vaio Seat Star
 Kaldewei Vaio Set
 Kaldewei Vaio Star
 Laufen Alessi
 Laufen Alessi Dot
 Laufen College
 Laufen Form
 Laufen Gallery
 Laufen Jika Mio
 Laufen Living
 Laufen Moderna Duo
 Laufen Mylife
 Laufen Palace
 Laufen Palomba
 Laufen Pro
 Laufen Vienna
Lefroy Brooks
 Lefroy Brooks Accessories
 Lefroy Brooks Baths
 Lefroy Brooks Black Accessories
 Lefroy Brooks Black Lever
 Lefroy Brooks Charterhouse
 Lefroy Brooks Classic
 Lefroy Brooks Connaught
 Lefroy Brooks Heated Towel Rails
 Lefroy Brooks La Chapelle
 Lefroy Brooks Lighting
 Lefroy Brooks Lissa Doon
 Lefroy Brooks Mackintosh
 Lefroy Brooks Metropole
 Lefroy Brooks Waste & Traps
 Majestic Elegance
 Majestic Frameless
 Majestic Still Life
 Manhattan Showers
 Matki Bath Screens
 Matki Classica Collection
 Matki Colonade Collection
 Matki Eauzone
 Matki Elixir Collection
 Matki Elixir Cross Collection
 Matki Elixir Linear Collection
 Matki Fineline Shower Tray Collection
 Matki Illusion Collection
 Matki Mirage Collection
 Matki Radiance Collection
 Matki Walk In
 Matki Wet Room Collection
Merlyn showers
 Merlyn Series 10
 Merlyn Series 9
Miller Bathrooms
 Miller Carlson
 Miller Delphi Accessories
 Miller Montana Accessories
 Miller Oakland
MX Group
 MX Trays
 Roca Senso
Roman Showers
 JT40 Shower Tray
Roper Rhodes
 Roper Rhodes Accessories
 Roper Rhodes Accessories
 Roper Rhodes Aero
 Roper Rhodes Bora
 Roper Rhodes Cabinets
 Roper Rhodes Clarity Mirrors
 Roper Rhodes Contemporary Bath P
 Roper Rhodes Express
 Roper Rhodes Glass Bowls
 Roper Rhodes Reef
 Roper Rhodes Showers
 Roper Rhodes Storm
 Roper Rhodes Stream
 Roper Rhodes Toilet Seats
 Roper Rhodes Wessex Range
 5th Avenue
 Saneux Austen
 Saneux Baths
 Saneux Flushing Systems
 Saneux Jones
 Saneux Monte
 Saneux Panoramic
 Saneux Piuma
 Saneux Quadro
 Saneux Una
 Saneux Ylo
 Schneider Classicline
 Schneider Classicplus
 Schneider Graceline
 Schneider Hipline
 Schneider Peakline
 Schneider Prideline
 Schneider Proline
 Schneider Quadraline
 Schneider Ronline
 Schneider Ronplus
 Schneider Splashline
 Schneider Triline
 Schneider Wangaline
 Simpsons Bath Screen
 Simpsons Classic
 Simpsons Design
 Simpsons Design View
 Simpsons Shower Trays
 Simpsons Supreme
 Simpsons ten
 Svedbergs Baths
 Svedbergs Indigo
 Svedbergs Joy
Swadling brassware
 Swadling Absolute
 Swadling Invincible
 Swadling Precis
 Swadling Sphero
The Radiator Company
 The Radiator Company Modern Towel Rails
 The Radiator Company Radiators
 Trojan Acrylic Baths
 Colosseum Radiators
 Helix Single Lever
 Home Of Ultra Beaumont
 Home Of Ultra Bloomsbury
 Home Of Ultra Cabinets & Mirrors
 Home Of Ultra Designer Rails
 Home Of Ultra Electric Showers
 Home Of Ultra Fixed Heads
 Home Of Ultra Helix Crosshead
 Home Of Ultra Helix Lever
 Home Of Ultra Slide Rails
 Home Of Ultra Wastes & Fillers
 Home Of Ultra Wirework
 Home Of Ultra York
 Vitra Baths
 Vitra Diagon
 Vitra Espace
 Vitra Ilia
 Vitra Nuovella
 Vitra Piu Due
 Vitra Retro
 Vitra Sense
 Vitra Softcube
 Vitra Uno
 Vitra Water Jewels
 Vola Basin & Bidet Mixers
 Vola Shower Mixers
 Warmup Underfloor Heating

Bathroom Discount Centre supply all bathroom manufacturers and ranges at fantastic prices, including bathroom suites, bathroom heating and bathroom fittings.

Based in London, the Bathroom Discount Centre has a huge range of items for bathroom suites form bathroom heating, bathroom fittings to all manner of essential items to fit out any bathroom suite. We have everything from taps, basins and bidets to traps, filters and plumbing parts.

Our online bathroom store is fully secure and easy to use, you should be able to find everything you need to fit out your bathroom suite including bathroom heating, bathroom fittings and even bathroom televisions!

We also have a special offer section which has some great deals on bathroom suites, bathroom heating and bathroom fittings. These deals are only available online!


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